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CounterAct corrosion control, a new rust protection method for a new century




Look for CounterAct on Speed TV's Truck Universe Sat. Sept 29th 2007 9:30 AM & Monday Oct 1st 4:00 PM Eastern time.

CounterAct is now available through Canadian Tire Stores and select  auto dealerships across Canada

CounterAct electronic rust protection, an electronic rustproofing method for rust prevention and corrosion control. CounterAct electronic rust protection requires no drilling of holes in a vehicle's body for application and does not plug factory designed drain holes as sprays and coatings can do, so CounterAct will not void manufacturer's warranties. Although CounterAct requires no sprays or coatings it readily functions in conjunction with these rust proofing methods.  

CounterAct electronic rust protection and electronic rustproofing are patented electronic rust control technologies. They are unique and proprietary technologies available only from CounterAct Corrosion Protection Resources. CounterAct is the world's first electrostatic corrosion control device.

CounterAct corrosion controls employ our patented capacitive coupling method and by use of an electrostatic charge can protect objects above the Earth's surface such as open air structures, buildings and vehicles as well, including cars, 4x4s, atvs, motorcycles, trucks, buses, vans and mining,  farming and construction equipment.

CounterAct corrosion controls are designed and constructed at our world headquarters in Pennsylvania, USA. Additionally, CounterAct has authorized assemblers in Pennsylvania, Canada and Australia.

CounterAct corrosion control systems protect both interior and exterior metal surfaces of your vehicle's body and protect your vehicles paint and finish by reducing the undercutting of paint in chips and scratches. As CounterAct's protective electrostatic charge can be demonstrated to be present on all commonly grounded metal parts of a vehicle, expensive accessories such as wheels, running boards, bull bars and chrome as well as other commonly grounded metal portions of your vehicle may be protected by CounterAct as well.

CounterAct CPR is a professional corrosion consulting firm staffed by trained and educated science professionals.

Although CounterAct's primary technology, based on our patented capacitive coupling method, remains essentially the same as when we first obtained patents on this unique technology in 1988, our product has undergone continuous testing, enhancement and refinement. We have employed both our "in house" scientists and technicians in this process as well as prominent independent testing labs and corrosion consultants so that our anti-corrosion systems produced today are not only more user friendly but considerably more effective than those produced only 4-5 years ago. Additionally we have supplemented our laboratory tests with extended real world field evaluations in some of the world's most corrosive environments including brine harvesting operations and marine trailers

CounterAct, inspired invention, demonstrated performance, continuous refinement

CounterAct is working day in and day out to provide new corrosion prevention methods employing our unique technology and to employ our technology in new applications. In the past year we have developed new systems for aviation and an OEM system for EZ loader boat trailers (North America's largest and most prominent marine trailer manufacturer). Contact us today to see how we may help you with your corrosion problems.



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